GLRS Special Educator of the Year

This award is given through recognition by peers and supervisors. Anyone having the pleasure to work with Mr. Thompson will not be surprised by this announcement. Mr. Thompson is professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable. He leads quietly and efficiently. His students respect him, as do his colleagues. He has a special gift of promoting success in the Math Curriculum. This is no easy feat. Pulaski County students are fortunate to have him on their team. Mr. Thompson exemplifies the “Better Together” approach of the Pulaski County School System.

Please be sure to congratulate him on this honor.

We are also delighted to announce that Lisa Woods has been recognized as the GLRS Special Education Support Person of the 2022-2023 school year. Lisa works tirelessly keeping the Special Education Program on track here in Pulaski County . She is always willing to help and share her vast knowledge. She is a problem solver. Her knowledge of our IEP program and willingness to teach others is extremely valuable. She plans to devote more time to her new grandbaby and has decided to officially retire. We will be sad to see her leave us at the end of the year, but when she shares pictures and stories of this beautiful baby, her face lights up and her eyes sparkle. We understand her decision to retire but we will miss her talents!

Lynn Freeman

Special Education Director

Pulaski County Schools