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About the Board of Education




Pulaski County Board of Education is the catalyst dedicated to reaching the full potential of our schools, businesses, and families.


 Pulaski County Board of Education will manage the capital and the human resources of the community to create a safe learning environment, recruit and retain the best staff, and achieve excellence in education, preparing our students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. 


I. Manage the Capital and Human Resources of the Community

  1. Maintain an accountability system with dollars spent to measure performance outcomes.
  2. Maintain fiduciary responsibilities regarding the integrity of the school system.Put the “student first” in the decision process.
  3. Maintain and acknowledge our responsibilities to taxpayers.
  4. Maintain a program to identify, promote, recruit, and fund alternative options for instruction, such as outsourcing, adjunct faculty, etc.
  5. Create a climate that encourages parent, caretaker, teacher, business, and community involvement in the school system.
  6. Communicate goals with shareholders.
  7. Keep Board Members focused on goals.
  8. Create a professional learning community at large.

II. Recruit and Retain the Best

    1. Utilize a comparison analysis of benefits provided by Pulaski County School System and competitive schools.
    2. Maintain a reward program for teacher performance.
    3. Encourage staff professional growth by:

1. Providing educational opportunities
2. Providing alternative employment practices, i.e. job sharing, flexible scheduling, effective use of paraprofessionals.

  1. Maintaining a marketing and recruiting program to identify and recruit the BEST!

III. Achieve Excellence in Education

  1. Maintain a balanced educational/extracurricular program.
  2. Teach skills for success in labor market – job and professional/personal skills.
  3. Provide recognition for student achievement of individual performance levels/objectives.
  4. Challenge students beyond the proficiency level.
  5. Prepare students to graduate on time, career and college ready.
  6. Broaden opportunities/choices.
  7. Improve management of disruptive elements that impair learning.
  8. Define Pulaski County’s standards for excellence in education and implement the standards (student performance).


The Pulaski County Board of Education

As the policy making body of the school system, the Board’s primary functions are executive, quasi-judicial, goal-setting, policy-making, and monitoring or evaluating. After the Board has adopted a policy, it looks to the Superintendent and Staff to implement and enforce policy through administrative procedures or regulations.