Pulaski County Schools Lockdown Drill

Pulaski County Schools Participate in Lockdown Drill

At Pulaski County Schools, the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community members are our top priorities. We understand that it's crucial to be prepared for any unexpected situation. That's why we actively participate in lockdown and other drills as a proactive measure to ensure the safety of everyone on our campuses. Today, September 21st at 9:15 a.m. we successfully utilized our Centegix Crisis Alert system to complete a lockdown drill at all campuses. Staff and students were secured in safe areas of the building and classrooms in under two minutes.

Why Lockdown Drills Are Important: Lockdown drills are not just a requirement but an essential practice to prepare for emergencies. These drills simulate a situation where students and staff must secure themselves in their classrooms or designated areas to protect against potential threats. The main objectives of lockdown drills are as follows:

  1. Familiarity: Lockdown drills help students and staff become familiar with the procedures and protocols that should be followed during a real emergency.
  2. Response Training: These drills offer an opportunity for everyone to practice responding quickly and calmly, which is crucial in high-stress situations.
  3. Safety Measures: Lockdown drills allow us to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our safety measures, such as locking doors, turning off lights, and maintaining silence.

What to Expect During a Lockdown Drill: During a lockdown drill, you can expect the following:

  1. Announcement: An announcement will be made over the school's PA system, indicating that a lockdown drill is beginning. This announcement will specify whether it's a drill or a real emergency. An alert will be initiated using the Centegix Crisis Alert System which triggers the flashing strobes throughout the building.
  2. Locking Doors: Teachers will check the hallways and bathrooms to gather any students who are not in classrooms. Staff will lock classroom doors and secure them according to established procedures.
  3. Silence: Students and staff will remain quiet to ensure they cannot be heard outside the classroom.
  4. Communication: Teachers may communicate with authorities and the main office to provide information about the situation inside their classrooms.
  5. Wait for Clearance: Participants will remain in lockdown until an all-clear announcement is made, indicating that the drill has ended.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond the classroom. Lockdown drills are just one aspect of our comprehensive safety plan, and we are continually working to enhance our preparedness for any emergency. Your support and cooperation in these efforts are greatly appreciated. Together, we can create a safer learning environment for all.

Thank you for entrusting us with the safety of your children.